Blog writing, web content and on-page SEO, you’ll get the complete package…

me-crop2Here’s a snapshot of how I’ve gained the skills and experience to provide high quality blog posts and web content for clients:

  • In 1996 I completed a master’s degree in English from The University of Auckland and flew directly to the UK on a working holiday visa.
  • I spent two years working in Edinburgh and London in various administration jobs, travelling to Europe and getting travel stories published in TNT magazine.
  • I submitted many articles to print magazines and newspapers with varying amounts of success but with the internet gaining strength it wasn’t long before I was providing guest posts for travel blogs.
  • Partway through 2012 I quit my steady job as a web manager at The University of Auckland and spent six months in the UK and Europe travelling, housesitting and building my freelance profile with Elance, now currently Upwork.
  • Since then I’ve branched out from travel writing and can turn my hand to most topics I’m given. I’ve completed numerous freelance copywriting projects for clients in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, the UK, Canada and the US – check out my portfolio for some recent examples.
  • Since 2013 I’ve also worked freelance as a content editor and strategist for an Australian digital marketing company. This has given me invaluable knowledge of on-page SEO that I have successfully applied to numerous blog posts with great results.

I currently provide blog posts, web content and on-page SEO for local and international businesses. If you need fresh, focused, findable copy for your site that engages your readers and drives traffic send me an email and we can go from there!